Providing consultancy and implementation services for hydrogen and renewable energy technologies to governmental, corporate and private bodies

About scontar technologies

Scontar Technologies is a recently established Irish company who has the goal of providing clean, renewable energy by utilising the properties of hydrogen.

National and global economies face significant issues as a result of increasing energy costs, and these issues are set to escalate in the future as fossil fuel resources continue to diminish. Hydrogen fuel and hydrogen fuel cells can meet the needs of domestic, business, government and military use while ensuring reliable, always-on energy for applications which range in the watts up to the megawatt scale. Hydrogen technologies can overcome any energy issue and can do this cost effectively, reliably and without producing any CO2 emissions using renewable resources.

As a means of energy storage, there is theoretically no limitation on how much energy can be stored using hydrogen. Large scale energy storage has long been the holy grail for energy producers and significant value-add may be achieved in utilising this technology. This is particularly important when fuel cells are being used for business, governmental or military applications. Energy storage can also ensure energy security, operating either as a backup to the electrical grid, or as a primary energy source to ensure critical applications and sites remain energised with a reliability factor of 99.999%. When used in this configuration energy OPEX costs may be eliminated and carbon footprint reduced to zero.

In terms of transport, leading automobile companies such as Ford, Toyota, Daimler, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz and Honda are planning to commercialise their fuel cell vehicles in 2015/2016. For material handling vehicles (MHVs), fuel cell MHVs are already being used successfully in globally placed markets such as Coca Cola, FedEx, Walmart and the US Department of Defense.

Hydrogen technologies have come of age. Using our extensive expertise and knowledge in the field, Scontar Technologies will deliver solutions which match the needs of each of our customers.