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Energy Storage

EU energy imports currently exceed 54%, in Ireland this figure is 88%[1]. To ensure future energy security and continuity of supply, the EU has set energy storage as an important vector which needs to be included in the energy mix.

As renewable energy deployments continue[2] there is an increasing requirement for energy storage to address issues of intermittency and to add value by providing delivery during peak demand.

Energy storage has been highlighted by the EU as one of the key priority actions[3] which needs to be addressed in the near term. There is substantial expertise and there are solutions currently available in the field which can be used to address these energy storage challenges today.

Energy storage using hydrogen is safe[4][5] and economical and solutions which cater for power applications ranging from kilowatt through to megawatt capacity are already in operation in various industries across the globe.

Scontar Technologies design energy storage solutions which are capable of storing and releasing all power ranges using technologies which best suit your application and environmental conditions.