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Energy Security

The issue of energy security has been identified as one of the most prominent issues which will define the politics of the 21st century[1][2]. Ensuring that energy is available when required, regardless of grid availability, is key to ensuring systems and society function normally.

Fuel cells are currently being used in many business critical facilities throughout the world[3]. They offer potentially unlimited primary or backup energy to meet the needs of modern facilities which range from data centres to emergency services. In addition, they can achieve 90%+ efficiency when configured as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units. In this configuration, fuel cells can not only provide electrical energy but also heat and/or cooling to your facility[4].

Modern fuel cell installations offer power availability exceeding 99.9999% while substantially reducing operational costs, and at the same time reducing CO2 emissions and promoting your corporate social responsibility program.

Scontar Technologies will ensure your business continues to run and is supported through any energy issues in a cost effective manner.