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solar energy

Renewable Energy Generation

Demand for energy to meet economic and social needs continues to increase. Mandatory European greenhouse gas targets and imminent carbon taxes mean we all need to review our energy consumption and look to implementing...

energy storage

Energy Storage

EU energy imports currently exceed 54%, in Ireland this figure is 88%. To ensure future energy security and continuity of supply, the EU has set energy storage as an important vector which needs to be included in the energy mix...

Energy Security

Energy Security

The issue of energy security has been identified as one of the most prominent issues which will define the politics of the 21st century. Ensuring that energy is available when required, regardless of grid availability, is key...

Hydrogen Transportation Vehicles

Hydrogen Transport Vehicles

Since 2009 crude oil prices have increased by over 100%. The dependency on imported petroleum products in the EU27 is 83%+ with countries such as Ireland relying 99%+ on petroleum imports. It is essential that diversification...